Frantz Meyers photographe à Castres dans le Tarn

She and I

She : Audrey : the Côtes des Blancs, the Chardonnay grapes!

I : Thomas : the Marne valley, the Meunier grapes!

She : a former Dietician, 5  years helping others to feel good eating healthy dishes  –  perfect  to match food and wine in total culinary safety!

I : a former Packaging engineer , 12 years in  the world of  cosmetics (L’Oréal and Pierre Fabre – not to mention them) developing sleeves, flasks, tubes, pumps and any other type of packaging answering the current marketing demands, while respecting production constraints in adequation with the quality department,  the purchasing department  and the  suppliers –   perfect for the aesthetics of our bottles !

Capsule champagne Gasmar
Macarons champagne Gasmar

She : totally involved in voluntary work – perfect to create links !

I : totally involved in a sports association – perfect to improve one’s performances in car endurance races !

She : always respecting nature and the environment – perfect  to reduce anything ending with –“icides” !

I : pragmatic and down to earth – perfect to implement her directives without any “icides” !

She : alone and quiet in the vineyards, enjoying the peace with her headphones tuned in on France inter – perfect to help the grapes grow with music !

I : always looking for new ideas and ……new customers – perfect for business!

She : cooking for 24 people for 10 days – her life during grape picking time – perfect to provide good food!

I : driving to bring the grapes from the vineyards to the wine presses; in the office the rest of the time, my life during grape picking – perfect  above all when it rains!

They : Gaston and Marius –  two precious blends of she and I  – the genesis of our brand : GASMAR !

Bouteilles de champagne Gasmar Elle et Moi, Boisée, Rosée.

Our bottles, our Champagne : in short, She & I !