CHAMPAGNE GASMAR : ours cellars


As growers-members of a cooperative, we have the benefit of a state-of-the-art pressing and vinification centre. This quality-controlled centre – a needed complement to our estate – and its staff of dedicated men and women who share above all a perfectionist vision of their work, allow us to complete with care each of the different stages of this vinification process.

The stainless-steel vat-room is temperature controlled. As the need arises, we keep the alcoholic fermentation at 18°C., then raise the temperature of our wines to 20°C. for the malolactic fermentation, and eventually stock up these wines at 15 / 16°C. for the whole year. Such an accurate control of temperatures allows us to respect the true nature of the wines and the expression of our terroir.

This way, our blended and reserve wines are stocked and kept in the best possible conditions. Finally, we package, ship and deliver our different Champagnes.